Klondike Solitaire

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This has to be the most popular solitaire variant out there, because for many people, the word “solitaire” is actually synonymous with what is actually specifically the klondike variant of solitaire.

In Klondike, the ultimate objective is to move all of the cards up to the foundation piles (the piles that begin with an Ace card from each suit, and are composed of the same suit in ascending order).

On the tableau, however, the cards are arranged in descending order and by alternating color.

Traditional rules of Klondike have you deal 3 cards at a time from the stock, but you can configure this to be either 1 or 3 in the rule preferences. You can also choose what sort of cards are allowed to be placed in the empty tableau spots (traditional is for kings only, but you can set this to be any card).