Solitaire 13

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In solitaire 13, cards are arranged in a pyramid shape and the objective is to remove all of the cards from the pyramid to win.

To remove cards, you need to match pairs (e.g. 2 cards) that add up to 13. The exception is the King card, which is worth 13 and can be played on its own (double click the King to remove it from the board). All numbered cards are worth their face value. Aces are worth 1, jacks are worth 11, queens are worth 12, and kings are worth 13.

Valid combinations are:

In 13, only cards that have been uncovered from the pyramid (starting from the bottom up) can be played, so choose your moves wisely.

The number of deals you get from the stock pile can be configured in the rule preferences. 
To make the game easier, you can also add “reserve” cards (also configured in preferences) to the board. The default is 0, but you can have up to 7 cards (chosen randomly at game start), of which any of the 7 can be played at any time.

Solitaire 13 comes from the addition family of card games. You may know it better as pyramid solitaire.

You can easily play our game of 13 online, completely for free. There’s nothing to download so you can jump right in.